“Only he who is well prepared has any opportunity to improvise.”
Ingmar Bergman, The Magic Lantern

The workshops offered through The Presence Academy highlight and address principles of Improvisation that you as a teacher, CEO, coach, or everyone else can use for their business, relationships and everyday life.

Here are three tenets of Improvisation that will improve your work and productivity:

‘Listening’!  If you are the owner of a business or teach, then listening is tantamount.  In Improvisation, we listen for clues to move us to the next step of the relating to one another.  When we use the skill of listening then we are tuning in.  Our senses become heightened and we are on the ready to respond to what is needed.

‘Yes’!  The magic word.  Do you have friends or colleagues that no matter how positive you are or what fantastic idea you have they always have a tendency to say, ‘No’, or that won’t work, or any number of negative responses?  Maybe it feels like the wind dropped out of your sails.   This happens all the time.  With YES, we practice through fun and engaging games this magic word concept, to create opportunities for cooperation in the workplace or classroom.

‘Failure’!  There is such a stigma around failure that it causes us all sorts of problems. We label ourselves as losers. If we don’t pick up some skill fast enough, we beat ourselves up.  Addressing failure is awesome and in these workshops that is exactly what we do!  We make it fun, engaging and sting-free.

These are simply three tenets of Improvisation that with practice and attention, can improve your productivity at work, relieve stress, and grow your skills as a leader.


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