Toni Diaz
Registrar & Business Manager
Boulder Preparatory High School
“Taking the improv workshop with Myles and Janie was a great experience! These two are a great and quirky pair. Myles and Janie were able to make the students feel comfortable, and even motivated to do the exercises. One of the games we played was a story telling game where each person added 1 word to the story, at a time. This was a lot of fun and I think we all could’ve played a few round of that game! Some bits of knowledge that were important for me were knowing that the audience is on your side and learning to embrace mistakes. It would be great to see Myles and Janie to a similar workshop with a larger group of students or a workshop specific to public speaking. Overall, the workshop was a great time and we left with a few tips in our pocket. Thank you, Myles and Janie!
All the best!”

Janie Melley,
Psychotherapist, parent
“I was like a teenage mutant ninja turtle but without training before I received improv coaching from Myles. Now I know how to fail and move on, collaborate and come out of my shell with ninja like speed.
Myles is a natural leader who brings a wealth of knowledge to her classes she teaches. Her immediate feedback, quick thinking and creativity helped me accept my own failures, gain confidence and learn how to use “yes, and” in everyday life.
Thanks Myles!”

Business owner

“Working with people when they are learning or practicing a new and potentially scary skill is a tricky proposition.  Too much critical feedback and the person shuts down.  Too little and the person is left directionless on how to improve.  With that inherently difficult balancing act in mind, I have found  Myles to be an awesome coach and leader who is especially skilled at straddling that elusive line between being supportive and directive.  With lighthearted grace, she pushes her students to step outside their comfort zones, to loosen up, try something new, to take a risk.  Her feedback is specific enough to be actionable without being overbearing or controlling.  In short, she is an outstanding teacher and a lovely human being.  Highly recommend!”


Todd Breithaupt,

Product Owner

“The one thing that surprised me more than anything else about the experience, was how much I am able to apply the “improv specific” teachings to my work life.  In my day job I am a Product Owner within the software industry and my days are filled with conversations about product improvements and development.  I work with people in cross functional areas who are stratified in titles and roles. I find that I am much more ‘in the moment’ and spend more time actively listening and observing.   I find that this helps me better understand the conversations that I am in and helps me drive to solutions and build consensus much quicker than in the past.  Additionally, I incorporate the teachings into my presentations which have become more enjoyable for me as well as my audiences.
As a coach, Myles did an great job in explaining and simplifying these very deep concepts.  She appealed to visual, auditory, and written word learners alike by providing examples of each concept in all three styles.  Being a combo visual and written word learner myself, I found this exceeding helpful in allowing me to fully understand the concepts and put them into practice during the class in which they were taught and into my improv “toolbox”to use moving forward.
I am a person who prefers that people are direct and to the point.  Myles was able to recognize my preference and provide both the written and oral feedback to me in that manner, which I greatly appreciated.  Nevertheless, I watched her alter her style of delivery to each student in the class so as to ensure each student was being taught almost “individually”.   Not an easy thing to do, but the mark of a good coach and teacher.
Thanks Myles for both the fun and the knowledge.”

Chuck Schultz

 “I am so grateful to Myles for introducing me to my new passion for improv!  She has the gift of being able to guide and encourage new students in the art of improv in a way that challenges them, and yet allows them to learn with openness and kindness.  Myles has a knack for developing students by introducing them to simple exercises that are then gradually built upon until the students become confident in improvising entire scenes from a just a one-word suggestion from the audience.  Her beginning students overcome their hesitation and shyness and gradually become confident improvisers with the skills needed to improvise with others and to continue to develop outside of class.  Her more advanced students build upon what they learned before, incorporating new tools that can be used in longer and often more complex forms of improv. And, the entire process is fun, delightful, and refreshing!  It is a real joy to learn from Myles!”