Four half day workshops

Beginning in June, a series of 4 half day workshops hosted by Myles Goldin and Janie Melley. Once a month we are excited to explore each of these topics through improvisation, building relationships and theory.


°Improv and Public Speaking for Shy Teens

“This workshop is a great way to overcome your fears in a supportive environment.”
-Former workshop participant

Are you shy about raising your hand in class? Do you feel insecure in social
situations? Afraid of looking foolish in conversations? This workshop is designed for teens who want to
improve their skills in social situations while learning how to work with self doubt, anxiety and fear of
judgment. The first half of the workshop includes learning Improv games in a gentle and fun
environment. You will learn how to fail and move on, celebrate “mistakes,” and collaborate with your fellow teammates who feel many of the same things you do. The second half of the workshop is a support group. You will learn skills to manage anxiety, how to work with self judgment and reduce negative thinking. With the support and encouragement of the group, we will address your fears and attempt new
behaviors, such as speaking louder or asking someone to hang out with you.

DATE: Sunday, June 28th
TIME: 10:00 – 2:00
WHERE: 2425 55th St., Boulder
COST: $200.00
To sign up please contact Myles Goldin at (917) 204‑4925

° Mindfulness Workshop

Do you want to take risks but fear failure? Is your inner critic holding you back? This class is designed to help you quiet your self judgment, increase risk taking, and learn how to fail with humor. You will learn basic mindfulness skills, the rules of improv, and participate in short form games to enhance willingness and decrease self judgment.

° Brainy Improv: A Wise Mind for Fresh Change.

We will be creating a wise mind for fresh changes in your life and we all have negative thoughts we wish we could get rid of or harsh judgments about ourselves. In this workshop, we will explore our thoughts and discover how to diffuse from worry, negativity, and bad moods. Using skills from modern third wave psychology and theories from improv you will learn and apply skills to cope with negative thinking while having a blast playing short form improv games.

°Improv for Public Speaking for Adults

Yes! Many people fear public speaking more than death, but we can’t really get better at public speaking without practice. And shouldn’t practice be fun? Improvisation teaches people how to fail and move on, build confidence and face fears.This workshop playfully coaches you how to accept any anxieties while it increases self confidence through experiential games and  and skill building.  No previous experience required, but an open mind and heart.