About Presence Academy


Take a quick listen to me being interviewed with Derek Scruggs here

Freedom of expression and powerful communication through the technology of Improvisation and play.

From teaching and coaching Improvisation for many years, I’ve seen so many people surprise themselves in how creative they are.  When I coach, it brings me a lot of joy to see people go from tired, aggravated, or unhappy to after an hour or two of playing they are lighter and happier beings.  I want to bring this to as many people as possible.  Whether it is giving a presentation or feeling comfortable being in front of people, supporting you in bringing out your best is what I do best.

When did Improvisation and play become ‘technology’?  Since innovation and variety remains the only constant in our experience.  From teaching students to working with businesses, Improvisation and play are at the heart of innovation.

This site is directed towards leaders in business, educators, life coaches and therapists of all kinds. Do you give presentations? Are you shy? Do you work with people who may have social anxieties? Do you yourself have some anxiety about being in front of people? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this may be perfect for you, and if not you, then maybe you know someone that you can pass this on to.

A common Buddhist phrase that underpins this site is ‘Start where you are’.  Working with you we address your desires for better communication and connection with yourself, your audiences and clientele.

You know the saying that public speaking is scarier than death?  Why is that?  On this site you will also find coaching for public speaking.  Our method is non-traditional, deep and fun.  Using my skills as a professional performer we tap into your innate ability to communicate from an authentic place. We use Improvisation, theatre games and somatic (body centered) work.

Want more information? Fill out this quick form, let me know how I can serve you creating for yourself a compelling and notable public speaker.



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